DA90+Backlinks – 10 Edu 30 Wiki 30 Bookmarking


DA90+Backlinks – 10 Edu 30 Wiki 30 Bookmarking 30 Web Profile 20 Network SEO

  • 99% Positive Rating
  • Highly Recommended
  • If You are not Happy, Full Refund
  • Presently 47 Recommendations from Companies

1. Why should I use this package?

A. We are offering links on wide range of Authoritative social media and social networking sites which is really important for present day SEO.

2. How many Articles will be used per package?

A. we use unique article on each backlink we create. So there will be no plagiarism

3. Can I get refund?

A. Yes, we are not very hard on issuing a refund. If we didn’t complete your work within time frame, we will issue refund with no questions asked.

4. Will you replace if the properties get deleted?

A. If the any links get deleted, we will replace them anytime without charging you.

5. What kind of report will we get and in how many days?

A. You will get complete report in excel sheet in matter of 2 days.

6. How can I order an Extra Package?

A. Just ask us over email.

7. How many URL and Keywords should you need?

A. You can give us unlimited URL and Unlimited Keywords.

8. What Anchor text will you use?

A. We use generic anchor text, but if you have preference we can use that too

9. What about the Monthly Package?

A. If you order this package once a month we will provide you a 15% discount. Enquire for coupon code.

10. What are Micro Blogs?

9. Glad you asked that, Basically its micro site, a subdomain, just like tumblr. Please note that sometime we don’t get 100% submission from micro sites, and therefore we will replace the site with similar DA without prior notice.


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